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I absolutely love to give lectures and I am happy to travel. Current topics is my view on weaving, my internship in Oaxaca, the life and legacy of swedish weaving countess Ebba von Eckermann, how to work as a group in the design field and more.

I've recently held lectures at:

- HV Skola

- Steneby skola

- Forsa FHSK

- Vårdinge FHSK


Recent published features in:

- American Trails Magazine

About Georgia O'Keeffe, issue 2019 #5

About a road trip California - Texas, coming issue 2019 #6.


- Scandinavian Retro

About Ebba von Eckermann, issue 2017 #6 

About Souvenir fashions, issue 2018 #3


STUDIO SUPERSJU @ Västernorrlands museum 21 mars - 20 augusti

RELEASE "Att Väva" 27 mars
En ny handbok i vävning av Miriam Parkman och Arianna Funk, läs mer här.

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