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I'm a vintage fashion nerd turned textile artist, a day dreamer and color lover aiming to create textiles that will last. I was born in northern Sweden 1990, now living in Stockholm.

I work from a studio in Årsta, outside Stockholm and I'm one of seven members in the weaving collective Studio Supersju.

I studied at Handarbetets Vänner 2013 -2016, a school focusing on hand weaving, dyeing and needle work since 1879. After graduation my first projects included creating costumes for the touring show "Fäboland" (Riksteatern) and three months working as a "Design Intern" for US based company Manos Zapotecas (now MZ Fairtrade) in Oaxaca, Mexico. 

My months in Oaxaca made a big impact on me, allowing my admiration for the ancient craft of weaving to evolve even more. To meet and work alongside master weavers of the Zapotec people in Teotitlán del Valle was an experience I'm eternally grateful for. The landscapes and colors, music, culture and food also made a lasting impression. During my internship I helped create a new collection called "MZ Indigo", using only yarn naturally white + dyed with natural indigo. The collection sold out and was followed by a collection using only natural cochineal. 

Since I was a kid, I've always felt a need for expressing myself through clothing. Combined with a big interest for history and the love for 1920s - 1960s music and dancing, this merged into what is known today as a "vintage lifestyle". In my work as a textile artist, this shows in inspirations from what I think is the golden era of design - late 1940s to early 1960s. Add to that events and feelings of present daily life + my big love for nature, from my home landscapes of northern Sweden's "high coast" to the open desert spaces of western USA, and you have the full messy mix of what I am and do.

From march 2019 I am 100% freelance, mixing my studio work with vintage hairstyling workshops, bridal/special occassion hair appointments, giving lectures at schools and weaving associations and writing features for magazines such as Scandinavian Retro and American Trails Magazine. 

In march 2020, I am releasing a brand new book on weaving together with my Studio Supersju colleague and co-writer Arianna E. Funk. We're honored and very happy to work with Natur & Kultur, a publishing house well known for their true appreciation of books and it's continous role in a modern world. After years of collecting and using weaving books from the passed we're very excited to bring something a little new to the table! 


STUDIO SUPERSJU @ Västernorrlands museum 21 mars - 20 augusti

RELEASE "Att Väva" 27 mars
En ny handbok i vävning av Miriam Parkman och Arianna Funk, läs mer här.

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