Premiere on September 27th


Costume designs for the musical theatre Fäboland, together with artist and stylist Hanna Kisch. Fäboland tells the tale about the piece of female history books don't tell, about the music that was invented by peasant women who walked the mountains and forests in the summer, herding the kettle. To communicate, to stay safe and endure the isolated months they sang and played. Their voices could be head for miles. Read more and book tickets here!


For the costumes of Fäboland we have thougt about the elements of being outside so long; the dirt, the sweat, the nature always present, the animals. The possibilities; color pigment growing, close by. Sun and rain to cooperate with. The forest, the mountains, the sunrises and the sun sets. The pain and joy they must have felt while being away from their normal family lives for so long. We've focused on the traditional folk costume construction; blouse, skirt, bodice, apron. But, this folk costume hasn't got a nationality - it's just belonging to Fäboland. We've dyed silk and cotton fabrics with natural bundle dye, used sun and plants to create living patterns and colors that both refer to birch wood and gold as well as cow dung and mold. I have woven aprons in ikat dyed tabby and embroidered the bodices with golden thread and real green tourmaline. The blouses got a western style design with pointy yokes and orange rhinestones due to the Thelma and Louise inspiration - Fäboland is a folk style road movie on stage. The color is orange to represent modern day sports life clothing.

More photos coming soon!


The poster is made by Elvira Varghans and the last photo is by Saga Berlin.