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My name is Miriam Parkman. I'm originally from a small town up north, but nowadays based in Stockholm, Sweden. As a textile designer and hand weaver I see the warp as my paper and the weft as my brush and paint. My main inspiration comes from 1930s-1960s aesthetics, traditional/folklore design all over the world and the never ending wonders of our nature . Bright colors, vivid patterns , multi-functional designs and collaborations between old and new is my trademark.


As a stylist and costume designer I use my skills in dyeing and fabric production together with my historic knowledge to create authentic or unique looks. I'm curious, creative and not afraid to cut in a hand woven fabric!



- Costume designs for Riksteatern tour "Fäboland" together with stylist and artist Hanna Kisch.

- Internship october - december at Manos Zapotecas in Oaxaca, Mexico.



2013-2016 Handarbetets Vänner / Friends of Handicraft

Foundation Diploma, 1 year

Advanced Textile Handicraft Diploma, 2 years



2006-2009 Handicraft-, fashion- and design high school studies.

2010- Assistant to pastry chef and cook book writer Mia Öhrn.

2012 - One of five writers, stylist and recipe creator for the cook book "Kolor, Jazz och bakverk", Natur&Kultur.

2012-2013 Free lance recipe maker, food stylist and writer, for example making a food and travel feature for Swedish ELLE magazine on southern France.

2015 - Participant in the handmade rug exhibition "293080 knutar, 8664 inslag, 12 mattor" at gallery Yamanashi in Gamla Stan, Stockholm

2016 - Graduation from Handarbetets Vänner / Friends of Handicraft, participant in the final exam exhibition may-august.




Hemslöjdens riksorganisation / The Sloyd association of Sweden, the fund of Ingeborg Strömberg. A scholarship to encourage young crafters during their education.


Carl Malmstens stiftelse - travel scholarship with my class at HV to go to Istanbul.



Carl Malmstens stiftelsy - travel scholarship for my coming trip to and internship in Mexico.


Estrid Ericssons stiftelse - project scholarship for project "Ryggtavlor".


Hemslöjden local organisation Stockholm - material scholarship.

Handarbetets Vänner - travel- and research scholarship for my Mexico trip.